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Viper VTX10

Viper VTX8
Type: Sensored Only
Support Voltage: 2S~6S Li-Po
Support Motor Type: 2/4/6-pole
Max BEC Voltage/AMP: 7V/5A
Continuous Current: 220A
Dimensions: 46x53x41mm
Weight: 113g (w/o wires)
Viper VST XL Media
Viper VTX8 Sensored Speed Control Viper VTX8 Sensored Speed Control Viper VTX8 Sensored Speed Control
Viper VTX8 Sensored Speed Control
Viper ProGauge 5IN1 Multitool
Viper ProGauge 5IN1 Multitool
Viper VTX8 Speed Control
High Power
The new VTX8 extends Viper R/C's speed control platform to new heights. Able to handle batteries from 2s to 6s, 2 pole and 4 pole motors from 540 up to 1/8 size motors.

Maximizing Durability
Durable full aluminum waterproof construction helps to make the VTX8 strong enough to handle the regiors of large scale vehicles. Including a built in fan with carbon fiber bracing to ensure the VTX8 is ready to get you to the finish line.

VTX8 Features
  • True Sensored technology that provides super smooth power and brake
  • Heavy duty all aluminum waterproof case (cooling fan is not waterproof)
  • 2~6S Li-Po Support
  • Ultra high definition paramter setting (0~100% steps)
  • Supports 2-pole and 4-pole 540/550/8th scale motors
  • Adjustable BEC up to 7V
  • PC V-LINK software ready for firmware upgrade and PC interface
  • 8 user profile that allows to import and export in PC V-LINK software
  • Auto Power Off function for the maximum safety
Viper Downloads


  • You need a Viper PC Link (P/N GVSPCLINK1) to use this software.
  • The software is designed for specific ESC models. Make sure you download the correct software for your ESC.
  • Compatible with only MS Windows.

   Description Download
A61 4/4/2013
  • V-LINK software support.
  • Improved smoothness in both throttle and brake.
  • Improved performance and stability with high KV 4-pole motors in 2S.
  • Improved drag brake lock for crawling application (when drag brake at 100%.)

A64 2/1/2014
  • New profiles specifically designed for on and off road applications.
  • New logic algorithms to improve overall performance (throttle and brake responses) with better efficiency that lower both ESC and motor temperature.
  • Improved and optimized boost performance with more power and brake control.
  • Improved Low Voltage Cut off design for better power management without a hard shutdown to the system.
  • Newly designed motor error detection to prevent ESC damage with alternating F and R flashing error code.