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Viper R/C Trade-in Program
Viper RC Solutions offers trade-in program for customers who own non-warranty Viper products. The program offers you to replace your non-warranty Viper products within the same product line. To trade-in the product is as easy as 1-2-3 steps.

  1. Refer to the trade-in price list.
  2. Download and fill up TRADE-IN APPLICATION FORM.
  3. Send in your Viper product with the form. We will contact you for payment process as soon as we receive it.


  1. It is strongly recommended that you ship your trade-in item with a carrier that can insure or track your package. Viper R/C is not responsible for lost packages.
  2. Fixed shipping $5.00 will be charged for shipping within USA. International shipping will be handled in case basis. We will inform you with shipping cost before we will process the case.
  3. All trade-in products will receive a new invoice with 3-month trade-in warranty.

Model Price
VTX1 $100.00 + Shipping
VTX8 $120 + Shipping
VTX10 / VTX10-BE $95.00 + Shipping
VTX10R/ / VTX10R-BE $120.00 + Shipping
VST motor $45.00 + Shipping
VST-XL/L $75.00 + Shipping
Copperhead ESC $45.00 + Shipping
Copperhead-R ESC $55.00 + Shipping
VX4 Motor $35.00 + Shipping
VX4R Motor $45.00 + Shipping
Viper R/C Trade-in Program
Viper RC offers Military Purchase Program (MPP). Please e-mail us by a military e-mail account to verify you are an active member of the military. The e-mail address for MPP is